Easy Earth-Friendly Easter

Easter is coming!

For those of you that celebrate, you know there’s lots of traditions and steps that make the holiday what it is. I just wanted to share what we’ll be doing to make it a bit more eco-friendly! I linked all the products at the bottom of the post!

1. Egg Dying. I wanted to do natural dyes, but to be honest, I’m lazy/not willing to spend an entire day trying to figure it out. So I found some pre-made, vegan, and eco-friendly dyes to try. Hoping it will be a super easy process this weekend with the two toddlers!

2. Easter Baskets. This year, I decided to try to only buy brands I supported for their sustainable practices. I love Hannah Anderson for their super soft, organic cotton jammies – and couldn’t say no to these spring ones! A small bag of Lindt chocolates because the company has a super strict sustainability practice in place. The latest book by Joanna Gaines about gardening – hopefully to inspire our family to do more! And then lastly, (it wouldn’t fit in the basket) a flower play-do kit by Green Toys (they have a huge selection of toys made from recycled plastic, sustainably packaged and made in the US)!

3. Egg Hunting. They do sell recycled plastic or wooden eggs to hide – and once ours are done – we’ll buy those. For now, I’ll use the plastic ones we have and fill them with stickers.

Also – you’re probably eyeing my cheap baskets from previous year’s Target selection. These, along with my plastic eggs, aren’t very eco friendly, but it’s better to use what you have than buy something else!

Here’s a link to all the products:

How are you celebrating in an Earth-friendly way?


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