Naturally Arming the Under Arm

I may have the world’s most sensitive armpits. Seriously.

I decided to go au natural, and have since been trying to find the perfect deodorant. Now, the below are all packaged in plastic – so they’re not perfect, but bear with me on my journey here.

Keep in mind, if you haven’t switch or are in the process of switching to natural – there is a few weeks of “detoxing”. Since body odor happens when the bacteria on our skin (which multiply in the presence of sweat) break down. After not sweating from using antiperspirants for so many years, by switching to natural deodorant, our bodies freak out. It is apparently COMPLETELY NORMAL to be super smelly for several weeks as your body is adjusting to the lack of aluminum and preservatives. I also had severe rashes – which improved by trying new brands and also, giving it time. But the smell does indeed get better, so try be patient.

I will continue to add to this list as I try new brands, but so far, I’ve tried 3: Native | Schmidt’s Sensitive Skin | Lume 

So here are my reviews…

courtesy of brand

Native : Now note, I didn’t try their sensitive version – but I had a very adverse reaction. Burning, rash for weeks, and I SMELLED BAD!! I thought it was originally part of the “detoxing” but it went far beyond what it should be – I’m talking a couple of months later and my husband would still not want to be near me. I had to stop and gave them to my husband to use who has not seemed to have any issues. *eyeroll* My understanding is that it is the baking soda that can cause a reaction in people – so if you have sensitive other parts, start with one sans baking soda.

courtesy of brand

Schmidt’s Sensitive : This smells great. Like I’m obsessed. It goes on a bit dry, I wouldn’t say “rough” but it doesn’t exactly glide on. That being said, I have to really sweat to smell any BO, but I do still break out in a rash occasionally. I notice the slight rash after shaving, or after running. That being said, day-to-day it’s fine. I’d be interested to see how it performs now that it’s getting hotter here in SWFL.

courtesy of brand

Lume : I actually bought this product because I loved the ad I saw on Facebook. What can I say? As a marketer, I’m a sucker for solid work. That being said, I was super curious as it claimed there would be no rashes. It’s very wet when you put it on and I think you really need to use just a tiny bit at a time and then let it essentially air dry. Sometimes it dries and then creates those white dots or pills (total flashback to junior high), but if it happens I brush it off and it doesn’t bother me. BUT! No rash and no smell. Since it claims it lasts for 72 hours, I usually use the Lume after showers and just touch up if needed with the Schmidts. The brand also claims you can use it in your private regions, but I think I’ll just keep to my pits…

SmartyPits Sensitive Skin (aluminum + baking soda free) : Overall, I like the feel. It’s not as chalky or as wet as the others. However, I haven’t found it to work for hard-core workouts. I think it’s great for normal, day-to-day usage but for living in SWFL or Burn Boot Camps – I’ll stick to my other options. I also miss the scent (I ended up with the unscented), I think the scent helps cover, you know…

Summary: I’m currently using Lume.

Now I know there’s a ton of new companies on the market and a number of them in more eco-friendly packaging. Next on my list to try: Meow Meow Tweet Tweet (sustainable packaging!), Primal Paste, Humankind (you send back your container to be refilled!)

Are there any you recommend?


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