Fathers Day Gift Guide

father’s day is around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about that special man in our lives…. whether our own father, or our baby daddy. if they’re anything like the men in my life, they deserve some special TLC. 

here’s a few earth-friendly ideas to treat your men like the kings they are. 

  1. experiences. there’s no link for this, but ultimately what every dad wants is to spend more time with his family! how about the beach with bagels, a hiking adventure, local concert, or staycation? better yet – plant a tree together or go pick up trash off the beach! 
  • Swell Water Bottle. $40 – the original. keeps your water cold all day, even in SWFL. look how handsome this bottle is! 
  • Lightfoot Shave Soap. $5 – i originally bought this from Anthropologie, but they don’t sell it anymore. I found it here. it’s smells super manly, it’s easy to foam, and is a plastic-free alternative for shaving. 
  • Bevel Safety Razor. $37 – i bought this originally for me, but I think the handle is going to be a bit short for my needs, (legs are long – yo!), so this is a great option for the men in your life. get rid of those plastic razors! 
  • prAna Crew Neck T-Shirt. sale $22 – this is the first North American brand to produce Fair Trade Certified clothing. my husband loves them and finds their fabric not only high-quality, but very soft. 
  • Hill City Running Shorts. $68 – Hill City is a new brand – “brother” brand to Athleta – and is also a B-CORP!! so you know we love them. my husband just started switching some of his running gear and absolutely loves these shorts and their light-weight running shirts. 
  • Patagonia Swim Trunks. $79 – made from 91% recycled materials and Fair Trade Sewn; and they come in several patterns! 
  • Stojo Foldable Coffee Mug. $15 – if your hubs is like mine, coffee goes with him everywhere. this makes it super easy to take a full cup to work, and bring it back in the briefcase for reuse. 
  • W&P Porter Portable Ceramic Bowls. $40 – this is great for a dad that remembers to bring home their containers, (aka not my husband), and enjoys homemade lunches. very sleek and easy to clean!
  • a portable, solar charger. varies – such a cool idea for your digital-savvy man! not to mention REI is a wonderful, earth-conscious brand. here’s a few options to pick from.
  • last, but not least – Saltwater Brewery 6-packs. $10 – they were the first brewery (a small, local, Delray FL based brewery!) to create 100% biodegradable and edible rings—constructed of barley and wheat ribbons from the brewing process. the rings can be safely eaten by animals. they can be found at Total Wine.

another idea: donate in his honor to these awesome organizations working to save our planet and our wildlife.

this is by no means an extensive list of products on the market – but just a few of my favorite ideas. of course, there are endless ways to show love without buying new things, but many of these items will last years and will help reduce other product usage. additionally, i don’t mind supporting brands that fight for positive change and take proper routes to production. 

happy early father’s day to all your special men! 


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