Imperfectly Perfect Produce

Let’s talk food waste.

Did you know over 1/3 of all food produced globally goes to waste? While, 1/2 of that waste takes place at home (a separate discussion!) so much of that waste occurs right at the beginning — on the farm. Appx. 20 billion pounds of produce currently go to waste each year because of their “imperfections”, (you know, bent in the wrong place, not quite red enough, etc). ⠀This means, the farmers don’t get paid for all the food they produce (and we know they’re already struggling), the food then goes into landfills, wasting all the resources it took to make the food, and then as the food decomposes it produces methane (worsening climate change).

Enter the imperfect produce movement!

I’m so excited krazykrops has finally been established here in SWFL! In larger markets, companies like Imperfect Produce have already been making huge waves, but in smaller markets, it can feel impossible to make a difference until hardworking people care an awful lot. In many cases, they company will deliver your produce right to your door for a fraction of the cost of produce in the stores. Because the farmers wouldn’t be able to sell them, they’re able to sell at a high discount.

By purchasing my weekly produce box – I’m helping Immokalee farmers, I’m reducing my carbon footprint and food waste, and I’m empowered to eat more local fruits + veggies! Do you have a local imperfect product company? 


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