Life Updates + Upcoming Clothing Swap Party

these last few weeks have been so busy for our little fam. we’ve been out of town visiting family the last couple of weekends, had visitors this weekend, and are headed out of town this week again! traveling with two toddlers is no easy feat and i have to admit, i’m already dead tired. 

i definitely thrive on routine and hate getting the kids over tired as well as myself. I’ve not been sticking to my eating or workout routine, drinking too much (but geez, I love wine), and have laundry piling up around the house. and to top it off, i feel i’ve neglected this pet project of mine. 

after this next trip – I’m really excited to see a lot of my friends since its been so long – and decided to host my second clothing-swap party. 

it’s a great way to reduce clothing-waste and still get new threads into your closet. 

in this post i’ll walk through my plan and will follow-up after the event with photos and tips + tricks along the way! would love to hear your thoughts or additional suggestions for our party if you’ve hosted one before as well. 


  • invite as many friends as you’d like, but try to be conscious of approximate sizing. 
  • i think the more friends the merrier and the more clothing/accessory options available to all!
  • include on the invite what it is and suggestions for what to bring. i try to say at least 5 clothing, shoes, or accessory items that you’re no longer wearing but are in great condition


  • i love hosting get togethers and always have a fair share of wine, mixed drinks, and easy appetizers 
  • i’m planning on skipping the one-time use plates/napkins and going for the real deal to be more eco-friendly 
  • when people arrive i’ll have available hangers, a borrowed clothing rack or two so guests can hang up their threads
  • i’m going to have paper bags available for take-home 
  • anything not taken at the end of the night, i’ll likely donate to a local women’s and girls charity

if things go well, i’d like to expand this type of party to a wider audience next round as a way to encourage clothing swaps in our area! 

do you think this is a good idea? 


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