This Election Season

I’ve never been much of an environmentalist, in fact – I’m not really at all. But I am worried. I am concerned. At times, the fear is overwhelming, and the lack of action from our leaders leaves me feeling hopeless.

What will the earth look like when my children are adults? Will they be able to have children? We’re not talking generations away – we are talking in the next few years. The impact is here and now. Today.  

I try to keep this blog light and easy, but I think it needs to be said as we head into election year: 

If you do not view the environment as THE number one issue that matters as we head into the 2020 election – you are being short sighted.

We can sit here and debate tax breaks, education, loan repayments, trade wars, and abortion all we want – but NONE OF IT WILL MATTER if the scientists are correct. Which, they are. They have been screaming this for years in unison and we have been too wrapped up in making more money, winning all the arguments, and fighting with each other to take a serious look at our future as humans. 

If you continue to support and elect a man who chooses to ignore the fact that Climate Change is real; believing that it’s fake, removing us from the Paris Agreement, doing nothing to support green initiatives, reducing carbon emissions, etc. etc. etc. – it will be too late.  

Our paper straws and steel water bottles are important – but they simply aren’t impactful enough to save the 1 in 4 species that will go extinct.

A couple of days ago was Earth Overshoot Day – meaning, we used up an entire year’s worth of Earth’s resources by the end of July…. we would need almost 2 planets to sustain us at this rate. It is just not possible. Look at where America falls on this… it’s disgusting:

If you do nothing else this election season – stand up for the environment. Just this once. 

 “We are the first generation to feel the effect of climate change and the last generation who can do something about it.” —President Obama.


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